Top Reasons to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater

Navien tankless water heaters (product review), Morisset Plumbing & Heating Services, Boston

Water heaters have become a necessity for most of us. What better way to endure chilly winters than to have a hot shower? Right?

Back in the day, people had to make a fire to boil water in pots, then transfer them to another container before using them for cooking, showering, or doing the laundry. Lucky for us, we live in an age where technology has made everything easier.


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We even have plenty of options now. You can take your pick from solar and heat pump water heaters or go for the storage-type and tankless ones. We highly recommend opting for the tankless option, though. Here’s why:

It’s energy-efficient 

Tankless water heaters only heat the water when needed, making it an efficient option. That means less energy consumption and more savings (Yup! You get to save in the long run). Not only that, but you help reduce carbon footprint, too. 

It’s a space saver

Since it does not require a lot of room (unlike its storage-type counterpart), you can maximize the rest of the space in your home and use it for different things. Not to mention, it looks neater.

Navien Tankles Water Heaters | Morisset Plumbing & Heating Services in Boston | Navien NPE-A2 Series, Navien NPE-S2 Series

Our clients love it (and we love it too)

Morisset Plumbing and Heating have been installing Navien tankless water heaters, and they have been working great; this is not a sponsored post. We see the value in their products, and you can see it yourself.

Switch to Navien

Known for producing top-notch products that use state-of-the-art technologies, Navien is a brand you can trust. The good thing about investing in high-quality tankless water heaters is that it will ultimately save you time later on: time from unnecessary inconveniences that might require multiple repairs or replacements that come with an extra cost. 

Install tankless water heaters from Navien in your home today. For servicing, feel free to contact us for more details.

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